Splice For Maya

In this video, we present Splice for Maya – showing how you can write high-performance operators that run as part of your regular Maya toolchain, but with the exceptional performance of Creation.

00:00 – Introduction
00:57 – Simple demo creating a Splice Maya Node
02:54 – Adding KL operators
03:19 – introducing the KL editor
05:14 – Splice IK operator
07:25 – Splice drawing and visual debugging
09:00 – complex computations with Splice – wave deformer
10:14 – Splice Maya Deformer
10:47 – Bezier deformation with Splice
12:05 – internal Splice data – spring simulation
13:45 – dynamic compilation/JIT editing in Splice

Procedural Geometry

In this video we show an early look at the procedural geometry generation capabilities of Creation: Splice inside Maya. The new KL type ‘SpliceMesh’ provides an easy way to perform complex geometry operations, while the integrated KL allows you to modify the source code interactively.

This video shows how the procedural can then be taken into an offline renderer, like Arnold.

Comparative Performance of Python vs KL in Maya

In this video, you can see the comparative performance between Python in Maya and KL in Maya, running on a deformer.

Spliced Rigging

Splice can be used to build high-performance rigs inside of Maya. The key here is that we are attaining multithreaded C++ performance, but through using the much more accessible Kernel Language (KL). This means that a TD with Python skills can build heavyweight, high-performance rigging operators inside of Maya without needing to rely on the engineering team every time a new operator is required.

Branch-Based Multithreading in the Maya Graph

This video demonstrates a feature of our Creation Core technology: performing multi-threading across branches of graphs. Creation: Splice can use this technology inside of Maya and perform multi-threading across branches in the Maya dependency graph.  This means that we can have clusters of nodes within the Maya graph that are fully multi-threaded, which essentially means the Maya graph can now orchestrate multiple high-performance sub-graphs.This is extremely useful when the computation per node is rather small, like in a character rig. Parts of the rig can be computed in parallel using this approach, and the overall performance of the graph is improved.

Splice for Maya is about to go into beta, so if you’d like to take part please contact us.