Creation: Flora

Flora is a system for the procedural generation, editing, simulation and rendering of vegetation. Flora is integrated into Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Softimage and SolidAngle’s Arnold renderer.

If you would like early access to this module, please go here and complete the access request form. Modules are not standalone products, they are extensions to the Creation framework. At this time, we are limiting access to commercial studios and individuals with the technical expertise to properly test this module.

Feature Overview

Creation: Flora uses multi-threading throughout the whole system. This means outstanding performance can be deployed for both plant generation as well as simulation. Each plant is treated as a complex FK hierarchy and is animated purely using angular motion. This allows for realistic hierarchical animation as well as smooth radial motion blur. Flora uses the powerful slicing technology in the Creation Core and scales with very little cost for each additional unique plant. This means users can interact with a large number of plants in real-time.

Flora provides high performance skinning. Given a folder with OBJ files representing the pieces of the tree, Flora can skin these pieces onto the FK structure. This allows the user to specify the exact geometry to be deployed. Layers within Flora can use a range of OBJ files to allow for more random shapes.

On top of procedural generation, Flora allows user to style plants with on-screen manipulation. We combine the best of both worlds by performing complex structure generation together with user styling. Every single branch in a complex plant can be adjusted. Furthermore, Flora uses pure ASCII files to save layouts and collections of plants. This means the data is human-readable and can be parsed by external tools. The constructed topology is never saved to disk, but is regenerated every time for real-time rendering or offline rendering.

Plants created with Flora can be saved and re-used. This means you can quickly build a library of plants to be used for your projects. Aside from trees you can create flowers, grass or other types of vegetation like bushes.

Creation: Flora is integrated completely into Autodesk Maya. Since it is using Fabric Engine’s portable application technology, the features inside of Maya match exactly with the standalone application. Furthermore PlantCollections can be moved between all supported integrations, including Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Softimage, SolidAngle Arnold and the standalone application.

Inside of Autodesk Softimage you can interact with the force fields using the ICE particle system. This allows the user to define only the force details of the plant simulation inside of Softimage, while all of the heavy lifting is performed by Creation: Flora.

Creation: Flora is also integrated into SolidAngle’s Arnold renderer. The dso plugin is able to load plant layout and collection files and can generate the required topology at render-time. This means that level of details controls (LOD), topology culling and any other programatic adjustment can be performed at render-time. The DSO supports proper radial motion blur.