Siggraph 2016: Fabric User Group videos

August 4, 2016

We’ve just about recovered from another hectic Siggraph, it was a really good show and people seemed to enjoy the Fabric user group. We recorded most of the sessions and are happy to post them here for your viewing pleasure.

Double Negative – A Flexible Rigging Framework for VFX & Feature Animation

Chus Rodriguez presented the work that Double Negative have undertaken over the past two years using Fabric to accelerate their Maya character rigs.

Psyop – ‘Procedural Procedurals’ – production uses of Fabric Engine

Jonah Friedman of Psyop covers some of the ways they have been using Fabric Engine in production. The Entwiner and Ruffleure are tools he has written with the Canvas visual programming interface that enable a procedural approach to their pipeline.

Kraken, Unreal and Oculus Story Studio

Helge Mathee (Fabric Software) and Bernhard Haux (Oculus Story Studio) present an overview of the work on building portable character rigs for virtual reality experiences. The focus is on building a highly-iterative pipeline for getting characters out of Maya and into Unreal Engine.

Kraken workshop

Eric Thivierge of Fabric Software provides an in-depth introduction to Kraken, an Open Source rigging solution for Fabric Engine that allows you to use and define rigs and solvers that produce identical results across different animation applications.

Want to try Fabric for yourself?

You can download Fabric for free and try it for yourself here:

If you’d like to talk to us about formally evaluating Fabric at your company, get in touch with us.


We wouldn’t be able to put on a show like Siggraph without the help of our partners. Many thanks to Lenovo, AMD, Oculus and Valve for their help with hardware this year. Many thanks to Double Negative, Psyop, MPC and Oculus Story Studio for their help with time and effort for the various presentations they gave on our behalf. Finally, thanks to everyone who came to the user group and everyone who came by the booth – we love talking about how you want to use Fabric, so we look forwards to seeing you at the next show!

Paul and the Fabric team