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Write once, deploy everywhere

Modern pipelines feature a wide range of commercial applications and custom tools. Because Fabric can be run as a plugin to many popular digital content creation (DCC) applications, a tool created with Fabric will produce exactly the same result everywhere. Both an asset and the tools that manipulate that asset can flow between Maya, MODO, Softimage and your own in-house tools, dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of custom development.

Fabric Engine Integrations

The experience of using Fabric Engine as a universal plugin is seamless. All the usual tools of your favorite application are right there, augmented with the power of Fabric Engine. Artists can use Fabric tools created by their R&D team just like any other plugin, or they can build their own with the Canvas visual programming system.


Reduced Overhead

Using Fabric as a ‘universal plugin’ reduces the workload of supporting a modern pipeline. Writing a tool once and having it deployed across multiple applications with guaranteed consistency is a huge time saver when supporting a modern mixed pipeline.

Consistent Behaviour

Fabric encapsulates your data AND your tools, allowing both to move freely between the various applications in your pipeline. The tool to control your asset, say a rigged character, flows along with the asset. Interaction and results are consistent everywhere. With Fabric, your assets are intelligent.

Performance Enhanced DCCs

Fabric Engine runs inside your favorite digital content creation application, providing you with the familiarity of your tool of choice. A Maya API programmer can create a Fabric tool that a MODO artist needs. A Softimage artist can use Canvas to write a tool that will simplify migrating to another application.

Powerful Procedurals

Fabric Canvas and KL are ideal for creating tools that generate procedural output. These tools can be deployed on your render farm, reducing the need for moving massive caches around your network.

Rapid Prototyping

Building tools within an application can be painful – sometimes you just need a sandbox of your own to play in. The Fabric Standalone is a ‘mini-DCC app’ where you can prototype without the overhead of launching a large host application.

Source Code

The source to the Fabric Engine plugins for the most popular DCC apps is freely available.



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