Fabric Engine Overview

How often have you thought ‘if only the R&D team could code this simple tool, it would save me so much time’? Maybe you are an R&D engineer and would like your technical artists to be more self-sufficient. Or perhaps you don’t have access to an R&D team. Whatever your programming level, Fabric Engine empowers you to quickly and easily build powerful tools that are highly optimized.


“There wasn’t an alternative for the kind of things done with PresenZ. The only comparison is development time, and Fabric Engine saves us days, if not weeks.”

Gaël Honorez

Lookdev & lighting supervisor, pipeline TD – Nozon

“In recent projects we’ve been able to really push Fabric. The amount of data we can throw at it and it can handle for evaluation and for drawing geometry is very impressive.”

Eric Thivierge

Rigging lead – Hybride


Fabric Engine

The better, faster and cheaper way to build high performance tools