Fabric Software Launches Canvas Visual Programming at GTC

March 9, 2015

MPC and Fabric Software to present at NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference

MONTREAL, Wednesday 9 March 2015 – FABRIC SOFTWARE, the company behind Fabric Engine, the development framework for high performance visual effects tools, will launch Canvas, their highly anticipated new visual programming system, at GTC next week.

Fabric Canvas data flow graphs are completely portable between applications that are Spliced with Fabric Engine – or they can run in Fabric’s standalone framework. The entire Canvas system is written in Fabric’s KL language, resulting in something that is easy to use but also provides real power and depth for hardcore development.

Canvas brings all the performance, flexibility and extensibility of Fabric, but makes it a whole lot easier and more fun for developers,” says Fabric Software co-founder and CEO Paul Doyle. “You’ve seen visual programming systems before, but nothing like this!”

Canvas is currently in alpha testing with customers and other key users. “Initial reactions have been fantastic,” says Doyle. “Clients seem genuinely excited and are already sending us demo videos of what they’re doing with Canvas. We intend to open up the program over the coming weeks and have already been approached by over 100 companies interested in joining the beta.”

The current version runs in Autodesk Maya and in Fabric’s standalone C++ framework while support for other DCC applications will be added soon. Canvas will be released as part of the upcoming Fabric Engine 2.0.

Demonstration videos covering Canvas from the introductory level all the way through to the advanced R&D case are available on the Fabric website, along with user-generated demonstrations. See www.fabricengine.com/canvas for more information.

Fabric Engine at GTC 2015

Fabric Engine will be featured in two presentations at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) next week. Fabric Software co-founder and chief architect Peter Zion will demonstrate how Canvas provides an easy-to-use and powerful visual programming interface that can be used to program CUDA GPUs.

Title: The Fabric Engine DFG: GPU Visual Programming for Visual Effects.
Day: Wednesday, 03/18
Time: 10:00 – 10:25
Location: Room LL21D

The Fabric session will be preceded by a presentation by MPC Film global head of VFX operations Damien Fagnou. He will be describing MPC’s Dekko, a GPU ray tracing framework for VFX created using Fabric Engine and the NVIDIA OptiX ray tracing engine.

Title: Dekko: A Framework for Real-Time Preview for VFX
Day: Wednesday, 03/18
Time: 09:30 – 09:55
Location: Room LL21D

MPC recently led the VFX on Godzilla, Guardians of the Galaxy, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. The facility is currently working on movies including Disney’s The Jungle Book, Terminator: Genisys, and Batman V Superman.

See www.fabricengine.com/gtc-2015.

The Fabric Philosophy – Access For All

Fabric is available free of charge for individuals and, through the Fabric Fifty program, for studios wishing to evaluate the platform. The company recently introduced a range of commercial site licensing options that allow studios of all sizes to adopt and scale the technology. See www.fabricengine.com/site-licensing.

Contact: pr@fabricengine.com