Fabric Software Introduces ‘Blocks’ with Fabric Engine 2.3 at SIGGRAPH 2016

July 20, 2016

Blocks make visual programming even more powerful and easy-to-use

MONTREAL, Wednesday 20 July 2016 – FABRIC SOFTWARE has released Fabric Engine 2.3 with ‘Blocks’ – an addition to Canvas visual programming that enables artists to do things that were previously possible only by writing code and opens up new possibilities for technical staff. The new release will be shown publicly for the first time at SIGGRAPH next week.

Blocks are Canvas graph containers for user-provided functionality within a preset – the “block” inside a “for” loop is literally a Canvas graph. With Blocks, technical directors can create complex presets (either graphically or with code) exposing only the controls that make sense for non-technical users to modify. Users can then modify the preset by filling in the content of the blocks – visually — without needing to know all the details of the preset.

Fabric Software CEO Paul Doyle said: “The goal for Canvas is to make visual programming fun and intuitive, and Blocks delivers on that by providing an elegant mechanism for handling things that used to require coding. Building tools such as custom deformers to meet exotic production requirements is even easier than ever and now no longer something only TDs can do.”

Blocks are powerful and flexible
While Blocks make it straightforward for non-technical users to control the behavior of presets – whether supplied by Fabric or created by their own technical team – they are powerful and flexible enough for the technical artist, TD or programmer. There are no context limitations and the combinations are endless.

Fabric Engine 2.3 ships with a number of useful pre-defined Blocks, such as ForLoop, Geometry Deform and Image Modify. More information about the release is available here:

Overview video: https://vimeo.com/175280006
Overview blog: http://fabricengine.com/fabric-engine-2-3
Blocks blog: http://fabricengine.com/blocks

See Fabric Engine 2.3 at SIGGRAPH
Fabric Engine 2.3 is available for download immediately and will be shown at the Fabric Engine User Group next Tuesday July 26, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Room 201B, Anaheim Convention Centre). The user group schedule includes sessions featuring Blocks and Fabric Engine 2.3, as well as the ‘Fabric for Unreal’ pipeline, a rigging workshop and customer presentations from Double Negative, MPC and Psyop. See www.fabricengine.com/siggraph-2016 for schedule and to register.