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Cross-platform Character Rigging

Kraken is an Open Source rigging solution included with Fabric Engine that allows you to use and define rigs and solvers that produce identical results across different animation applications. Kraken also acts as a component-based rigging framework within Fabric for development of innovative high performance character rigging applications.


Kraken Benefits

Portable Rigs

Supports development of custom rigging tools with no dependency on Maya or other digital content creation (DCC) applications. Kraken abstracts rig descriptions into a Python graph with no ties to any specific DCC code.

Efficient Evaluation

Rigging solvers can often time require intense computation algorithms and need to be executed in parallel. With the simplicity of PEX operators in KL, TD’s can write solvers that efficiently get executed in parallel without having to create custom C++ operators per DCC.

Built-in Biped Workflow

The Biped workflow allows users to create simple biped characters with few clicks of a button using the default biped components that come out of the box. Riggers and animators can generate bipedal rigs quickly and easily without having to develop any custom components first.

Kraken Node Editor

Rigs can be developed outside of Maya or other DCCs in the supplied Kraken Node Editor. The node based construction of rigs allows Technical Directors to develop custom components which can then be used in Editor by junior riggers and even technical artists.

Use Solvers in Fabric

We supply pre-built Canvas presets of all of the Kraken solvers so that Fabric users can use them independently of Kraken workflow. This means that any Canvas graph can make use of inverse kinematics and other specialized solvers for specialized character rigging tools or any purpose whatsoever.

Open Source

Kraken is an Open Source project and we welcome contributions from clients and the Open Source community.


Put Kraken To Work

Small to medium sized studios can immediately adopt Kraken as it’s a pre-built component based rigging framework. Where larger studios already have their own rigging systems, Kraken can be used to supplement the main rigging framework. Either way, Kraken is the independent, open source rigging solution for animated characters.


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