Virtual Reality

Editable Experiences

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are more than new ways to navigate through artificial or enhanced worlds, they enable new forms of interaction. Fabric goes beyond playback, letting you create and edit directly within these experiences. It lets you evolve your own tools, redefining the boundaries between content creation, authoring and run-time experiences.


Better Worlds

Fabric Engine lets you quickly build VR worlds with both detail and scale. Import industry standard CAD and VFX data, or procedurally generate new geometry like vegetation or cityscapes from scratch. Populate your world with movie-quality character rigs that enable lifelike VR experiences.

Gateway to Game Engines

Fabric provides a smooth path to game engines, including Unreal Engine. Intelligently import assets into your game engine with procedural control. These import patterns can be re-used to streamline import of other datasets. The exact geometry, materials, lighting and animation you want are assembled directly inside the game engine.



No need to start from scratch

These extensions are public GitHub repos, and the tools used to build them are part of Fabric. There is no dependency on Fabric to support a particular device, any developer can do this. You can see a complete list of Fabric extensions in the Fabric Repo on GitHub

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