A framework for production

Every production requires custom development. Fabric makes that development faster, better and cheaper. Whether it’s building utility tools that run across all applications in your pipeline, or building complex functionality without having to reinvent the wheel – Fabric’s got you covered.

Performance is everything

Reliable, rapid iteration only happens when tools have the performance capability to work with complex data at real-time speeds. Fabric’s multi-threaded compute engine enables you to serve modern production needs at a speed your artists will love.


Fabric is for everyone

Everyone benefits from Fabric’s Canvas visual programming system. Artists and technical artists can build powerful tools quickly and easily. Meanwhile, developers can leverage KL code directly when it makes sense – it’s all part of the same system.


Mixed pipeline? No problem

Modern productions use a range of applications – both commercial and custom – to get amazing results. The pain comes when those applications require you to build a new version of each custom tool. Fabric’s ‘Universal Plugin’ model takes the pain away.


Tying it all together

Fabric Engine is a platform for solving production problems. That means we have to integrate with existing libraries like Alembic and FBX, and we have to make it easy for you to work with in-house tools and libraries that you’ve already invested in.



Fabric Engine can be used to build a wide range of graphics applications (both 2D and 3D). These tools can be simple utility applications or complete applications that handle tasks like hair simulation, virtual production or animation.

Image Processing

Fabric Engine is well suited to compute-intensive work like image processing. In this video we take a look at using Fabric Canvas for image processing. Since the KL language that underlies Canvas has full GPU support, we experimented with a continuous GPU pipeline for image processing. All nodes in the video (except for the file loaders) are live, not cached. This allows for interactive frame rates on HD full-float composites.

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Mixed Pipeline

You can run Fabric Engine inside your existing applications, whether that’s a commercial content creation tool, a renderer, or an in-house custom framework. Tools built with Fabric Engine can be moved between applications, allowing you to ‘write once, deploy everywhere’. This reduces the cost and risk of your custom development and makes it a lot easier to support modern, heterogeneous pipelines.

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Unreal Engine

Game engines have now reached a level of rendering quality that makes them viable for previz, as well as other areas such as VR/AR and virtual production. The problem with game engines is getting your assets into the engine without requiring major work. We are currently building a smooth path from Canvas into Unreal Engine.

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We are always working with our customers to explore different ways to use Fabric Engine for accelerating rigging and animation. From the Double Negative approach of ‘how do we make our existing rigs faster?’ to using Kraken to support cross-application rigging, all the way to complete asset encapsulation where you move the rig and manipulation system for the rig between applications. Whatever the scale, there’s a solution that can work for you.

Full Encapsulation

Canvas visual programming opens up interesting possibilities for authoring rigs with a mix of KL code and nodes. These rigs can be completely packaged and transported between supported applications – potentially even to run-times.

This programmatic approach to rigging can be intimidating but Canvas makes it accessible to all riggers while still making it possible to write code for complex solvers.


Kraken is a new open-source rigging framework that takes advantage of Fabric Engine to provide a completely cross-platform, cross-DCC rigging framework. With the release of Fabric Engine 2.4, Kraken is now part of Fabric. Now every Fabric user can create transportable rigs that work identically in different target environments.

Highly extensible, Kraken is evolving all the time with new solvers and performance breakthroughs.


Making Stuff Go Faster

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