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Custom development is inherently part of VFX production. Fabric Engine makes in-house development faster, better and cheaper. Whether building utility tools that run across all applications in your pipeline, or building bespoke tools that break new ground – Fabric’s got you covered.

Performance is everything

Rapid iteration is essential to creating high quality VFX under deadline. Fabric’s multi-threaded compute engine lets your artists work with large, complex characters and scenes at real-time speeds.


Fabric for the whole team

Artists and technical artists can use Fabric’s Canvas visual programming system to quickly and easily modify existing tools or build new ones. Meanwhile, the developers can dig deeper into Canvas to build heavyweight tools – it’s all part of the same system.


Mixed pipeline? No problem

Modern productions use a range of applications and libraries – both commercial and custom – to get amazing results. Fabric Engine runs inside most popular applications and ships with many popular libraries, unifying production with consistent tools and allowing data to flow efficiently to where it’s needed.


Tying it all together

Fabric Engine is a platform for solving real world production problems. It works with industry standards like Alembic and FBX, and integrates with in-house tools and libraries that you’ve already invested in. Even as you continually improve your pipeline with Fabric, you never have to re-invent the wheel.



Fabric Engine gives you the ability to craft a wide range of applications that smooth data flow and manipulate 2D and 3D data precisely as needed. Use Fabric to wire-up simple utilities to prep data or go all out to create new tools for procedural data generation, game engine visualization or rigging and animation.

Data Handling

Fabric lets you handle huge scenes at interactive frame rates, working with industry standard formats like USD and Alembic. Fabric Import Patterns give you intelligent control over data import with a repeatable, rules-based approach. You can tweak the rules and see the results interactively in Fabric, as well as in your target DCC application or game engine editor.

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Portable tools

You can run Fabric Engine inside your existing applications, whether that’s a commercial content creation tool, a renderer, or an in-house custom framework. Tools built with Fabric Engine can be moved between applications so you can ‘write once, deploy everywhere’. This reduces the cost and risk of your custom development across heterogeneous pipelines.

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Unreal Engine

Game engines have now reached a level of rendering quality that makes them viable for previz, as well as other areas such as VR/AR and virtual production. The problem with game engines is getting your assets into the engine without requiring major work. See our latest work in building a smooth path from Fabric Canvas into Unreal Engine.

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We are always working with our customers to explore different ways to use Fabric Engine for the optimizing rigging processes and accelerating animation workflows. From the Double Negative challenge of ‘how can we make our existing rigs faster?’ to using Kraken to support cross-application – all the way to the game engine! – rigging, our commitment to helping our customers advance the state of the art in character animation is solid. No matter what your rigging challenge is, Fabric can help.

Faster Rigs

Double Negative turned to Fabric Engine when they decided to overhaul their existing character rigging framework. Their goals were to unify their VFX rigging pipeline with their feature animation pipeline, and to boost rig playback speed. The new pipeline needed to preserve compatibility with Maya, with the additional goal of generating high performance rigs that could be used in any DCC software.

Double Negative achieved both flexibility and performance by separately addressing each stage of the character animation pipeline; prototyping, rigging and animation.


Kraken is a new open-source rigging framework that takes advantage of Fabric Engine to provide a completely cross-platform, cross-DCC rigging framework. The Kraken approach separates rig manipulation from rig solving, enabling higher levels of performance and the development of portable rigs. Since the release of Fabric Engine 2.4, Kraken has been part of Fabric Engine, enabling the development of high performance rigs that work identically in different target environments.

Highly extensible, Kraken is evolving all the time with new solvers and performance breakthroughs.


Making Stuff Go Faster

Looking for a better, faster, cheaper way to build tools?

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