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Bringing assets and scenes into a runtime like Unity or Unreal can be challenging since there are so many file formats, digital content creation applications and individual settings to deal with. Often the process is complex and difficult to automate. Fabric Engine gives you the control you need for preparing game assets from a diverse array of sources and formats in a reliable and repeatable way, freeing your team up to concentrate on building your games.


Characters in a game engine have to look and behave realistically in an environment that allows extreme close-ups and a near infinite range of in-game scenarios. The pain of getting rigs from DCC applications into your game while preserving artistic intent cannot be overstated. With the recent inclusion of Kraken into Fabric, we took a major step towards the development of portable, code-only characters that perform consistently across applications with <1ms performance.


Kraken is an open-source rigging framework that provides a cross-platform, cross-application character rigging framework. Kraken provides the same rigging capabilities as found in most DCC applications but delivers a more flexible architecture. Kraken separates rig manipulation from rig solving, enabling higher levels of performance and the development of portable rigs for real-time experiences.

Highly extensible, Kraken is constantly evolving with new solvers and performance breakthroughs that make it an ideal choice for believable characters in game engines.

Portable, Code-Only Characters

Our vision is to enable cross-application rigs that evaluate at blazing speed in real-time environments. Game and experience developers will have portable rigs that not only work across DCC tools like Maya and MODO – they also behave identically in game engines. These rigs will be fully encapsulated, travelling without sidecar components that complicate authoring, delivery and run-time evaluation.

The combination of Kraken with the fast, cross-platform Kernel Language (KL) of Fabric Engine puts this vision within reach.


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