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Fabric Engine accelerates your content creation process by providing real-time performance in your tools. When that performance is available, artists and animators make better choices based on richer information. With the ‘write once, deploy everywhere’ capabilities of Fabric Engine, you can not only make faster and better tools, it’s easy to build and maintain them across your pipeline.


We are always working with our customers to explore different ways to use Fabric Engine for accelerating rigging and animation. From the Double Negative approach of ‘how do we make our existing rigs faster?’ to using Kraken to support cross-application rigging, all the way to complete asset encapsulation where you move the rig and manipulation system for the rig between applications. Whatever the scale, there’s a solution that can work for you.

Full Encapsulation

Canvas visual programming opens up interesting possibilities for authoring rigs with a mix of KL code and nodes. These rigs can be completely packaged and transported between supported applications – potentially even to run-times.

This programmatic approach to rigging can be intimidating but Canvas makes it accessible to all riggers while still making it possible to write code for complex solvers.


Kraken is a new open-source rigging framework that takes advantage of Fabric Engine to provide a completely cross-platform, cross-DCC rigging framework. With the release of Fabric Engine 2.4, Kraken is now part of Fabric. Now every Fabric user can create transportable rigs that work identically in different target environments.

Highly extensible, Kraken is evolving all the time with new solvers and performance breakthroughs.


Making Stuff Go Faster

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