Fabric Engine can be used in many industries to build powerful, portable tools that play well with existing technologies. From scene layout to real-time visualization to animation, Fabric’s exceptional flexibility and performance enables you to build the tools you need to get the job done – all without reinventing the wheel.

What our clients are saying

“There wasn’t an alternative for the kind of things done with PresenZ. The only comparison is development time, and Fabric Engine saves us days, if not weeks.”

Gaël Honorez

Lookdev & lighting supervisor, pipeline TD – Nozon

“All our clever technology, all our heavy lifting, is done in C++, which is pretty slow coding. With Fabric, because the KL language is something a rigger can pick up and use with the same ease as Python, they can rapid-prototype their own plug-ins then hand that back to the R&D person to fine-tune and finesse.”

Theo Facey

Head of rigging – Double Negative


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