Import Patterns: Behaviours

May 11, 2017

Import Pattern Behaviours describe interactions or animations and can be driven procedurally by an import pattern. When working with assets such as sliding doors (or drawers, or windows – anything that can have a defined Behaviour), it can be time-consuming to set those assets up within a game engine and then propagate changes successfully from your content creation tool into the real-time environment you’re using. This gets even more difficult to manage when there are potentially hundreds of such objects in your interactive scene. Fabric Import Patterns can be used to create, modify and manage Behaviours for use in engines such as Unreal or Unity, making it easy to work in a ‘live’ fashion between your authoring tools and your final interaction engine.

Fabric Import Patterns are already available in the Fabric for Unreal open beta, just go to: and follow the instructions there. We’d love to hear from you!