Horde is a crowd system focused on delivering high-quality results in real-time, allowing for rapid iteration on shots with lots of complex rigs.¬†Horde allows you to import your characters and encapsulate their animation, leveraging¬†our semi-procedural locomotion system to create smart agents that ‘know’ how to move. Horde provides muscle, cloth and hair solvers to further enrich your characters. This provides a perfect blend of artist-driven animation and proceduralism that allows for automation while maintaining artistic intent.

Horde is currently a closed project that we are working on with a few key customers. Our intent is to make Horde available as a Fabric extension some time in 2015. The video below shows the state of the project as of Siggraph 2014, although we are unable to publicly show production assets at this time (apologies for the low audio on this recording).