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Fabric Engine at GTC2015 – watch presentations now

If you missed us at GTC or would like to see our presentations again, here are links to the recordings.

Fabric Software at GTC 2015

GTC is the largest event of the year for GPU developers and Fabric was well represented. If you didn’t make it to San José, be sure to watch the session recordings below.

Presentation – MPC Dekko: A Framework for Real-Time Preview for VFX

In this session MPC Film global head of VFX operations Damien Fagnou presents MPC’s Dekko, a GPU ray tracing framework for VFX created using Fabric Engine and the NVIDIA OptiX ray tracing engine.


Session Highights

MPC’s Damien Fagnou discusses the challenge and benefits of interactively visualizing large scenes in modern big budget VFX-driven movies. He shares some examples of the scale and complexity they experienced in their recent productions at MPC and the value of being able to visualize them without the need to go through long offline render processes. He shows initial results of their work done using NVIDIA’s OptiX framework and Fabric Engine to assemble and render large scenes in an interactive environment taking advantage of the power of high end GPUs.

MPC recently led the VFX on Godzilla, Guardians of the Galaxy, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. The facility is currently working on movies including Disney’s The Jungle Book, Terminator: Genisys, and Batman V Superman.

GTC Presentation – The Fabric Engine DFG: GPU Visual Programming for Visual Effects

In this session, Fabric Software co-founder and chief architect Peter Zion demonstrates how Canvas provides an easy-to-use and powerful visual programming interface that can be used to program CUDA GPUs.

Session Highlights

  • The KL language – JIT, powerful, simple, extensible
  • GPU compute in KL – Fully supports CUDA 6, single source for CPU and GPU
  • The DFG – Visual Programming for KL
  • The DFG – Visual programming for the GPU
  • GPU DFG Demo – Quick demo of an effect built in the DFG and running on the GPU

About Peter

peter headshot 1Peter Zion is co-founder and chief architect at Fabric Software Inc. Peter designed and developed the KL programming language, a high-level, single-source language that supports efficient parallel computation on both CPUs and GPUs.

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