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  • Download Fabric Splice – this is the plug-in version of Fabric that you use inside 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage etc.
  • Request your FREE individual license
  • Request your Fabric Fifty FREE studio licenses
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  • Access support, documentation and tutorials


For Individuals

Free license
Any individual is eligible for 1 free permanent license. This includes students, educators, hobbyists, researchers and others, whether for personal or commercial use.

For Studios

Fabric Fifty
The Fabric Fifty package is intended for studios looking to adopt Fabric Engine with minimum financial risk. 50 permanent licenses are included for free. Pay only when you are ready to expand beyond 50 seats, or want the additional benefits of paid support such as custom development, unlimited render nodes and onsite support. Find out more

Site Licensing
Multiple tiers of site licensing are available that allow you to scale your deployment of Fabric across your studio – please contact us for more details.

Educational Pricing

If you are interested in deploying Fabric Engine at your establishment, please contact us.

Pricing Table

Free license
Fabric Fifty
Free Licenses
Site License
Node locked licence
Floating license (NOT geo-locked)
Fabric Engine core and KL
Splice for 3ds Max
Splice for Maya
Splice for Softimage
Support via public Mailing list
Unlimited render nodes
Fabric Applications (Horde, realtime viewer, etc.)
Direct email support
Issue escalation
Production support/on-site services
Custom development
Code obfuscation
Source code access
Early access to alpha/beta modules
Conversion from multi-year subscription
to permanent licensing
Scaling with rental options


Fabric Engine uses RLM licensing. Fabric is licensed on a per machine basis. Licenses are floating (node-locked if you don’t want to run an RLM server) and are not geo-locked.