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  • Download Fabric Engine – this is the standalone application framework.
  • Download Fabric Splice – this is the plug-in version of Fabric that you use inside Maya, Softimage etc.
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Fabric Engine uses RLM licensing. Fabric is licensed on a per machine basis. Licenses are floating (node-locked if you don’t want to run an RLM server) and are not geo-locked.

Free Licenses

All sites are eligible for 2 free rental licenses. These free licenses are limited to one year.

Any individual is eligible for 1 free rental license. This includes students, hobbyists, researchers and people that want licenses for home use. These licenses can be renewed annually.

Commercial Licenses

Purchase: $1200 per seat + $400 annual subscription

Annual Rental: $700 per seat

Site Licensing

We provide site licensing options for studios that reduce the scaling cost of deploying Fabric – please contact us for more details.

Educational Pricing

If you are interested in deploying Fabric Engine at your establishment, please contact us.