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Make Stuff Go Faster with Fabric Engine 2

Looking for a better, faster, cheaper way to build tools? Open beta coming soon.

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Looking for Fabric Engine 1.15 ?

Fabric Engine 1.15 is the current release and is being heavily used in production by many studios. If you are new to Fabric and want to get started now, this is a great entry point.

Evaluation License

Everybody is eligible for one free Fabric evaluation license. This includes students, educators, hobbyists, researchers and others. Install your evaluation license on your laptop or local workstation, for personal or commercial use.

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Fabric 50

The Fabric Fifty studio license is intended for studios looking to adopt Fabric Engine with minimum financial risk. It includes 10 interactive and 40 compute instances. Pay only when you are ready to expand.

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Studio Licenses

Multiple tiers of studio licensing are available that allow you to scale your deployment of Fabric across your studio. When you are ready to expand beyond Fabric 50, or when you want additional benefits such as: custom development, code protection and direct support contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Educational Use

If you are interested in deploying Fabric Engine at your school, university or another educational establishment, ask us about Education licenses.

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Fabric Engine Instance Types

Interactive: This is the main Fabric instance. It allows you to run Fabric on your machine and is what you would install on user machines.

Compute: This is a command-line version of Fabric, mainly used for running procedurals on the render farm or simple background process tools where you don’t need to offer an interactivity.

Commercial Support

Find out about our annual support and maintenance contracts.

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