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Make Stuff Go Faster with Fabric Engine 2

Now available for download. Get started for free or explore commercial options for perpetual licenses, rentals, support and maintenance. With Fabric Engine 2 there are licensing packages for everyone, whatever the size of your business.

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Note that we release daily builds with the latest changes, more information can be found on our forums here.


Everybody is eligible for one free evaluation license. This includes students, educators, hobbyists, researchers and others. Install your evaluation license on your laptop or local workstation, for personal or commercial use.

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The Fabric Fifty studio package is intended for studios looking to adopt Fabric Engine with minimum financial risk. It includes 10 interactive and 40 headless licenses. Pay only when you are ready to expand or require support.

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If you are interested in deploying Fabric Engine at your school, university or another educational establishment, ask us about educational licenses.

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First year Support & Maintenance included

Geo-locked to a single site (5km radius from listed site)

Use on AWS and similar cloud services prohibited

Use on AWS and similar cloud services allowed, limited to servicing users in named site

Use on AWS and similar cloud services allowed, limited to servicing users in named sites

Fabric Engine Instance Types

Interactive: This is the main Fabric instance. It allows you to run Fabric on your machine and is what you would install on user machines.

Headless: This is a command-line version of Fabric, mainly used for running procedurals on the render farm or simple background process tools where you don’t need to offer interactivity.


Source access, consulting, escalation and additional vendor licensing.