Fabric for Unreal: Working with Rhino data for Unreal Engine

August 8, 2016

note: if you’re looking for info on Alembic workflows, go here

Fabric for Unreal loads and prepares OpenNurbs data for Unreal Engine. The workflow is highly iterative and supports features like change propagation, correct UV lightmap generation, mesh preparation and mobile deployment. We have put together a series of demonstrations to show how this integration can be used for product visualization, design review, VR design, VR site inspection and architectural visualization. The last demonstration is from YNA, a naval architecture firm that has been using Fabric and Unreal to build review tools for their clients.

If you’d like to join the beta, follow the instructions at the end of this post.

Architectural Visualization

We downloaded a Rhino asset from an online store to show that the integration ‘just works’. We take the asset all the way through to VR for full review. This kind of workflow can be used by architects and designers to review a space prior to any build, and it can also be used as a pitching/bidding tool.


This time we downloaded a vehicle asset and set it up in a simple environment. This can be used as a sales tool both internally and externally – particularly if some time is spent on configurator tools for the live application.

Product Visualization I

This video covers using the Fabric for Unreal to take data from Rhino and into Unreal Engine for product visualization. This content can then be deployed on a tablet for showroom-style interactive display (not shown in the video) or as a bidding tool.

Product Visualization II

In this demo we set up an interactive product demo using a few of Fabric’s authoring tools to create some additional effects.

VR for design review

We now use Fabric for Unreal to work through live review of a showroom display based on the coffee machine from the previous demo.

VR site inspection

This demonstration shows how you can use Fabric for Unreal to load Rhino data of a building and explore that environment in VR. This enables architects, designers and clients to get a sense of the space prior to fabrication, saving time and money on design iterations.

Fabric for Unreal customer demonstration: YNA

An overview of YNA’s work with Fabric and Unreal Engine for VR walkthroughs of their yacht designs. Fabric for Unreal allows them to build rapid reviews for clients to see which design permutation best suits their needs.

YNA’s website: http://www.yna11.com/

Join the beta

Fabric for Unreal is currently in open beta. If you’d like to take a look, please follow these steps:

1) sign up to our forums at forums.fabricengine.com
2) visit this page to find out how to access the open beta of Fabric for Unreal Engine