Fabric for Unreal: Alembic workflows

August 8, 2016

Here are some demonstration videos covering Alembic workflows via the Fabric for Unreal integration.

Using Unreal for shot previz

This demo covers using Unreal Engine as a previz tool to quickly set up a shot. As well the Alembic pipeline, Fabric tools were also used to setup some of the scene elements.

Previz for a commercial

This demo covers using Fabric for Unreal to bring in Alembic data to create the previz for a commercial shot. This kind of workflow is great for rapid prototyping and for quick customer approvals.

Product Visualization

In this demo we set up an interactive product demo using a few of Fabric’s authoring tools to create some additional effects.

Join the beta

Fabric for Unreal is currently in open beta. If you’d like to take a look, please follow these steps:

1) sign up to our forums at forums.fabricengine.com
2) visit this page and access the open beta for Fabric for Unreal Engine