Creation: Stage

Stage 1

Stage is a scene assembly, lighting and shader authoring system. It provides a tight relationship between your offline renderer and our realtime renderer. At this time we are integrating SolidAngle’s Arnold renderer, but Stage is designed to support any offline renderer that provides an API, such as ChaosGroup’s VRay or Pixar’s Renderman.

Stage is at an early alpha and we are seeking studios that want to support and influence development. If you would like early access to this module, and are interested in working with us to develop it further, please go here and complete the access request form.

All data is stored in parallel containers, there is one node for all of the lights, one node for all of the meshes etc. This guarantees extraordinary scalability and allows Stage to handle huge amounts of objects and lights. Furthermore all of the communication is performed in parallel, so when meshes are moved into renderer this happens in a multithreaded fashion.

The Stage UI is fully procedural. The widgets are created based on a JSON description pulled out of the offline renderer. This model is very flexible and allows Creation to easily integrate with other GUI libraries.

Since all of the rendering happens inside KL, the interaction uses the generalized event system and the UI uses JSON to construct the widgets. Stage can be deployed via Creation: Orb for server side rendering. This makes the application available for remote users, the rendering happens on the server and the user interface is presented through a browser.


Scene Management

Asset management

Camera Sequencing

Lighting & Rendering

How do I get it?

Horde is currently in closed beta. If you would like to request access, please complete the form here. We are currently limiting access to commercial studios.