Fabric Engine VR for CAD preview

March 29, 2016

VR and AR technologies are opening up fantastic new content authoring and review capabilities, but it’s clear we are only just scratching the surface of what’s possible. The ability to instantly load, review, edit and save changes to data within VR/AR is a huge leap forwards for many 3D industries. While much of the focus on VR/AR is based on entertainment and gaming, we believe that the impact on content creation, review and configuration is just as compelling, and potentially far more disruptive.

We’ve written a Fabric integration to Rhino 3D that allows us to extract and optimize CAD data (and the same kind of integration can be written for any CAD application) so that we can work with that data in real-time for live review. Here is a longer video that gives a more in-depth understanding of the pipeline.

Interested in testing Fabric VR?

If you’re working with Rhino at a CAD company and are interested in learning more about Fabric VR then please contact us. We will give a few companies access to the alpha program to help us understand their requirements and work with us to build Fabric VR into an awesome platform for building VR/AR solutions.