Fabric Engine 2.3 Now Available – With Blocks

July 20, 2016

Now that we have this amazing new Blocks addition to Canvas, we are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Fabric 2.3. Check out the What’s New video for a quick overview of Blocks and other pretty cool stuff that you’ll find handy in your everyday use of Fabric Engine such as:

  • Lots of UX improvements, including a revamped Function Node Editor
  • A basic Linear Algebra extension
  • Lots of bug fixes, including particular focus on Alembic import/export

As always, the full details are in the Release Notes and you can download Fabric here.

Don’t forget that the Fabric Forums are a great place to share what you are doing and learn from others in the Fabric community. We pay a lot of attention to the suggestions and challenges reported there and hope that we are doing a good job in reflecting that feedback as we continue to improve the Fabric platform.

Team Fabric