Fabric at Siggraph 2014

August 17, 2014

Hi everyone – we’re now decompressing after the Siggraph madness and digging through all of the emails we didn’t respond to while we were away. It was a great show for us and we had a good time catching up with old friends and meeting new people. Vancouver is by far my favourite location for Siggraph, and this year we were blessed with some fantastic weather – until Wednesday, at which point Vancouver reverted to type and we got rained on!

Fabric50 announcement

We were a little nervous about making this change to the business model, but we had a universally positive response and everyone seemed to understand the logic. If you missed the news, we’re giving studios 50 free licenses of Fabric Engine (find out more here). It was good fun to see how people reacted in person, and we’re all feeling very happy about the changes. Now we just have to respond to everyone that’s requested their licenses!

User Group videos

We managed to record most of the sessions, but we didn’t get a good recording of the Hybride segment. We’re going to work with them on a proper customer story though, so all is not lost. We also didn’t get a good recording of the Horde demo, so that will be something we’ll re-record and make available in the next few weeks. Lastly, we have to get approval from MPC before we can release Damien’s fantastic presentation – hopefully that will come through quickly (I will add it here when it’s ready).

We had a great room for the user groups at the top of the convention centre with views across the bay, and most of the sessions had good attendance. We’ll be adding other sessions as we finish editing the videos, so check back here over the next week.

Session 1: Fabric 2.0 preview of visual programming

Session 2: Fabric 2.0 overview of Data Flow Graph

Session 3: Kraken Open Source Rigging Framework

Session 4: Hybride Customer Story

Sorry – no recording available.

Session 5: MPC Customer Story

Session 6: Horde Presentation

Session 7: Fabric 2.0 preview of SceneGraph 2.0

Session 8: Fabric in your DCC (Splice API running in 3DS Max, Maya, Softimage & Arnold)

How to get Fabric

If you’d like to get your free individual license of Fabric, you can get it here. If you have questions about anything you’ve seen, please join our discussion list here.

We’re a small company trying to make a big noise, so we need you guys to be talking about us and spreading the word. With your help we can make Fabric a standard in the industry – so get your free licenses and get started!

Lastly, if you want to speak to me directly about Fabric then get in touch – my twitter is @FabricPaul or you can email info@fabricengine.com and I’ll see it and respond.

Thanks to everyone that attended the user groups and showed their support. We really do appreciate it.


Paul and the Fabric team