Fabric for 3ds Max is in final beta – come and give it a spin!

May 18, 2016

Hi guys – despite a few outstanding issues (that we’re working on), we are pretty happy with the Fabric for 3ds Max integration and are looking for people to come and give it a go.

If you have no clue what Fabric Engine is, here’s a quick overview:

If you’d like to help us with testing, please follow these steps:

  1. sign up to our forums at http://forums.fabricengine.com
  2. email beta@fabricengine.com with the following:
    1. your forum username
    2. what kind of work that you do (your role/industry/company) – you should be comfortable with scripting in order to pick up Fabric.
    3. how much time you can spend testing Fabric for 3ds Max per week
    4. what sort of problems are you hoping Fabric can help you with

Here are some introductory videos for people getting started on the 3ds Max beta. It should give you a flavor of the integration.


Team Fabric