Fabric 2.3.1 Now Available, Supports Maya 2017 and 3ds Max

October 11, 2016

Fabric Engine 2.3.1 Now Available

Along with a few bug fixes for issues that were found after the release of 2.3.0, this release introduces support for:

  • Autodesk Maya 2017 (including Update 1)
  • Autodesk 3ds Max (including 2015, 2016 and 2017)

We have had really good feedback on the 3ds Max integration from those with early access, and we’re excited to add it to our growing list of DCC integrations. In addition to Maya and 3ds Max, Fabric Engine is integrated with MODO – including the recently announced MODO 10.2 – and Autodesk Softimage; there is a Cinema 4D integration in development as well. Note that the Maya 2017 integration uses Qt 5 whereas the rest of Fabric continues to use Qt 4.

For full details, please see:

Release Notes:



If you are new to Fabric, you can download it from the Get Fabric page.

Advanced Blocks Demo Coming Soon

While we’ve got your attention, we thought we’d let you know that we’ve heard your requests for more advanced and production relevant examples, along with explanations of how they were designed. We’ve been working on something that should prove to be both interesting and helpful; it was created to show how to leverage Blocks in several different ways. Here are a couple of screenshots and a short video clip.

Millipede in Maya 2017


Millipede in 3ds Max 2017



Follow this link to see a short work-in-progress video clip of the Millipede in Motion. Blocks are used in to procedurally generate the millipede’s body parts and the animation.

Stay tuned to the Fabric Blog for more.

Team Fabric