Creation Platform 101

October 17, 2012


In this series of articles we would like to explain basic but extremely important concepts used by Creation Platform to build a 3D application.

In the first part, we will only use the Fabric Core from its python module, to build the dependency graph (without using Creation Platform). This will give you the picture on the low level subjects first. Taking this path will help you to quickly understand some key concepts that are abstracted in Creation Platform. We will build a super simple particle system and will visualize it from a command line interface.

In the second part you will learn how to take advantage of such high performance systems for an interactive particle simulation application. Creation Platform will helps us in various areas, as it will provide all of the tools to build a user interface, but it will also help us to build a more complex dependency graph (and more easily), as well as providing a much better debugging environment.

Part1  The Core Dependency Graph

Part2  Building a Particle System with Creation Platform