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Fabric Software Inc was founded in the summer of 2010 in Montreal, Canada. Our team has exceptional expertise in 3D animation tools, VFX production, game development and high performance computing. We started Fabric because we saw a need for a new approach for content creation tools, one that was more reflective of how studios work.

Management Team

As Fabric Software co-founder and chief executive, Paul Doyle is responsible for all aspects of running the company. With over 15 years in the media & entertainment software industry, Paul has worked with studios on a wide range of applications from animation to data pipeline and AI technologies, giving him a broad and deep understanding of customers’ business challenges and opportunities.

Paul Doyle

Chief executive – Fabric Software

As Fabric Software co-founder and chief architect, Peter Zion has shaped the Fabric Engine Core from the ground up. He is responsible for the multithreading engine, the extension model, and KL. With an MSc in Pure Mathematics from the University of Toronto, Peter is a developer and entrepreneur with a focus on low-level programming such as compilers, library design, and performance optimization. Peter’s expert insight into multi-core architecture and GPU computation is critical in aligning Fabric’s development strategies with the future of computing.

Peter Zion

Chief architect – Fabric Software

Marc Petit joined Autodesk in October 2002 and became senior vice president, Media and Entertainment in 2006. He was vice president of product development and operations for Autodesk’s Media and Entertainment division from October 2002 to March 2006. Previously, Marc held various executive positions at Softimage Inc between 1991 and 2000 and is a founding partner of TRNSFRM, an investment and consulting boutique firm focused on transformative technologies in digital media. He also acts as board advisor for various software ventures and is executive chairman of Fabric Software. Marc is currently General Manager, Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games.

Marc Petit

Investor and chairman – Fabric Software

Alan MacIntosh has an enduring passion for innovative international technology businesses that started in 1983 as an oilfield engineer with Schlumberger, evolved to corporate networks as a product manager with Hewlett Packard and expanded with the mobile communications revolution when he joined Canada’s Telesystem group in 1990. He has been building, operating and investing in businesses at the intersection of mobile and the Internet ever since, navigating multiple innovation cycles and supporting many extremely fulfilling entrepreneur-led successes.

Alan MacIntosh

Investor – Real Ventures



Fabric was founded by a group of ex-Autodesk and ex-Softimage engineers and product managers that were compelled to move beyond the existing approaches to content creation. Our mission is to make it faster and easier to create amazing content. We’ve been around since 2010 and are excited to work every day on our crown jewel: Fabric Engine 2. We’re even more excited about finding the next great member of our team! If Fabric sounds like your kind of company, please get in touch and tell us about yourself.

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